Response to “Does a more Equal Marriage Mean Less Sex?” published in the New York Times

Gender & Society

In a recent cover story  in the New York Times Magazine (here), therapist Lori Gottlieb asked the question “does a more equal marriage mean less sex?” Her article was spurred by a recent ASR article by Kornrich, Brines, & Leupp that found couples who had a more traditional division of labor had more frequent sex (here). The argument is that as gender roles become more similar, sexual desire goes out the window. The authors of the ASR article suggest husbands and wives are more sexually active when the couple “plays out” traditional roles in the division of housework. This finding is in direct contrast to research I published with my colleague Scott Yabiku, using the same 1993 survey of over 7,000 married couples, that finds the more total housework (and paid work) performed by both husbands and wives the more sex they had (here)…

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